Velkommen til Westby

Velkommen til Westby

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Country Collectables

Country Collectibles in the former Hagen Grocery
After Rob Hagen died, Betty and Leonard Lund bought the Hagen Store and opened B & L Antiques. After Leonard died, and before selling the Hagen Store to Country Collectables, Betty rented out the store, first to a shoe store for a short time and later Dulin Electronics.

Country Collectables started life in the Thorsen building in November of 1986 by co-mingling several home based businesses. Getting things out of the house took on new meaning as a building one thought could never be filled became pleasingly stuffed.

After 48 years the void created by the Hagen Store fire that happened in September 1941, was about to come to an end. When progress demanded moving, the decision led the Solbergs to purchase the lot formally occupied by the Hagen Store. Since the storeroom of the Hagen building remained on the property after the main store was destroyed by fire, the Solbergs decision to build their new structure in front of and including the storeroom seemed like a good one. Besides retaining the history of the Hagen Store it provided more useable space always at a premium in the antique business.

Upon completion of the new building all of the occupants organized a mass moving and with the aid of three trucks and a few strong-armed men, who carried a showcase across the road, neither store closed for even a minute.

The above photo was taken in the original storeroom of the Hagen Grocery Store that became part of Country Collectables. Some of the articles for sale in this 2000 photo are the same items that were sold 125 years ago when Johan Michelet had his store at this location. And many of the items are the articles that were sold by Hagen & Preuss, Hagen Mercantile Company, Hagen Dry Goods, Hagen’s Clover Farm and Hagen’s Grocery Store in the 69 years that Otto or Reuben Hagen were located at 105 South Main Street.

For more information on the Hagen & Preus, Hagen Mercantile Company, Hagen Dry Goods, Hagen’s Clover Farm Store and Hagen Grocery Store,  click  HERE.

Adams Eye Clinic is now located at this address and the original storeroom from the Hagen Grocery is still being used as part of the eye clinic.
Adams Eye Clinic

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